Learning/Pedagogy at MLC

In these pages we'd like to revisit our philosophy of education at MLC so that we can extend it into the future. You are invited to contribute to an overview on this page, or link to another page of your own where you might write about how you learn best at MLC, how you teach best at MLC, how you think our philosophy will have to adapt into the future and link to the pedagogies that we use.

On 25th January we spent a PD day looking at student lead learning with David Price. Here are our notes.

The BL CEV group

Click here to read about the research being done by the BL CEV group.
BL stands for "Based Learning". Our group breaks into a number of smaller groups who are looking at cross-faculty implementations of Project Based Learning, Enquiry Based Learning and Challenge Based Learning.

16 guiding principles

The IBO talks about the importance of breadth and balance, disciplinary and interdisciplinary understanding, education for intercultural understanding,a holistic educational experience, learning how to learn, access and creative teacher professionalism in their philosophy and principles publications. What are MLC's guiding principles? Can we articulate them? Do we have them? Do we need to revisit/revitalise them?