James' notes from the University of Melbourne

Learning environments spatial lab

This was a pretty amazing space which could be transformed by sliding panels in 30 seconds. All of the technology and other resources were packed away (even the tables you'll see in our photos can be packed away) into the specially designed cupboards around the room. The lab is multipurpose, so it can be used by any faculty or outside body. My notes:

Learn network. Applied Research, research by doing, not by publishing papers.

Space you can't book or own. Learn network base. Own separate server. Booths to non-booths in 30 seconds. 6 year future proof. All tvs touch screens.

Physical vs online connection.

How teachers use space.

Spacial laboratory

Acoustic Deadened

No support so no one to show you how to use it. You work that out yourself.

The rest of the University

We looked at other parts of the 'old' university which had been redesigned to meet current learning demands. My notes:

Informal learning building

Acoustics really well addressed

In the circular type rooms, often the teachers don't know where to stand!

Outdoor areas people want to 'be' in.

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