James' notes from Coburg Senior High

These are literally just my notes from Coburg. I'm surprised what a good snapshot they give considering. But I'll edit them into some kind of sense when I have a moment, and hyperlink out to some of the ideas Don talked about.

Coburg.png"we teach what the students want to learn"

Produce work in less time not more time

No text books. You should be making it (resources) for your class, you can't get that out of a text book

Getting feedback to the kids as quickly as we can. The same night.

It's just technology. The pen was technology at one point. It has to assist.

They don't accept poor results from any student

Kinda 1:1, no single model. 80% have MacBooks

Gardners 5 minds

Using Facebook to contact kids.

George Lucas quote on knowing how to express yourself in image and sound on the screen

Alter the relationship of the student to the teacher and the content

You've got to know who your kids are

Every kid has a mentor. 12-14 students per mentor. 75 mins each week with their mentor.

Individual learning plan for each student.

Computers that can do routine tasks free students for higher order thinking. Don't slow the students down by teaching them those things.

We all use first names here.

Multiple intelligences

E5. Habits of mind.

Everyone has a digital portfolio including teachers. Teachers have to keep their digital portfolio current. They get a loading of 75 mins per week for each class so they have time to do this.

Using a whole bunch of different technology, no one single answer. Running studywiz as LMS, will probably retire it in the future, a filemaker built database to track data and to communicate it with students, parents and teachers, and Apple server technology at core (wikis for learning portfolios).

digital_blooms.jpgBlooms digital taxonomy

Regular feedback to kids & parents online. 75% parents are regularly looking. 10% never look.

If you're more than 10 mins late for a class you're marked absent.

Wiki wiki wiki wiki. They use wikis for everything.

And adopt any technology for any project eg Ning

Professional learning action teams

Gapminder world

Students filming and producing concert footage

Everything goes on YouTube channel

Time is given to staff for online stuff. Arts staff have different deal due to running rehearsals etc.

Techie breakie

Theories of action. Feedback. Data. Over assessment. Reflection, feedback, etc.

Staff peer review each other. Goes in their digital portfolio.

Transfer of noise is a big problem. Students have to learn to respect shared spaces.

No notice boards.

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