Ewan McIntosh - follow up to Cephi conference

McIntosh's application of design thinking to the classroom. Could we teach like this?

Who is Ewan McIntosh?

Ewan McIntosh is a teacher, speaker and investor, regarded as one of Europe’s foremost experts in digital media for public services. You can follow him on twitter at @ewanmcintosh
His company, NoTosh Limited, invests in tech startups and film on behalf of public and private investors, works with those companies to build their creative businesses, and takes the lessons learnt from the way these people work back into schools and universities across the world.

As a follow-up to the recent Cephi conference in Sydney, BVN architects gave some MLC staff the chance to here Ewan McIntosh speak about the future of learning spaces. Here is my reflection on his talk and some recordings from it. (Doug, Jun 28)
The workshop and most other things he does is captured via participants who tweet using #designmeet

In relation to the learning community McIntosh discussed the concept of opening schools and the information created within them to the community. Whether this was simply by allowing other users to comment and see websites built and created by students, or simply by projecting presentations / movies / content from the school on to an external wall of the school rather than internal. He even suggested turning an open local community or school space in to a learning celebration style TropFest scenario.

His process was more around defining problems so you could work on them rather than being "solutions focussed".

Incredible survey results from a school he worked at illustrating how mobile learning is right around the corner.

Here is a short excerpt of his workshop. In this video he talks about the concept of different spaces and gives an example of the power of "gamification".

A summary of all the different spaces McIntosh believes are required for learning (notice I didn't say school!)