Doug's notes and photos (on Don Collins' presentation)

"You don't have to get sick to get better..." Don Collins

At the visit to Coburg Senior High, the principal, Don Collins gave a brief presentation about the philosophy behind and daily operations of the school.
In approximately 2002 the school was closed due to falling enrollments and a range of other issues, in Don's words it was in a "tailspin".
After being mothballed the school became a haven for graffiti artists and was simply derelict.
A few years later Don Collins was given the opportunity and $11.4million to turn it in to something aspirational and he has done just that.
Here are some shots from his presentation to MLC staff on June 10th, 2011 about why it just works.


They survey all students who are enrolled and this is a summary of the total student population. Is it what you would expect?

A "workplace of learning" is definitely a key phrase that is so appropriate for what we are trying to do for 21st Century learners.

Their opinion of technology and 21st century learning

Don Collins also realises that for staff to create the content and make it tailored they need time to do this. Each staff member has one less class load which is allocated to time for technology work.
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Coburg Senior High uses a range of online resources but most lessons are structured around an Apple based wiki-solution that is hosted on OSX Server. Every staff member and student has a digital portfolio which is accessible to all and they barely use email - Facebook and Twitter are the way they communicate.