MLC brainstorms with Nick Ingram @ BVN

This day began in a room at BVN offices in the city. The room was white on three walls and part of the floor - all of which were surfaces you could write on! Very cool.
Nick Ingram using the writable walls.

Our brainstorming results for the outcomes we wanted from the day.

The compelling argument ABCD framework

Part "A": Where are we now?

Exploring the "B" part of the argument: Where do we want to be?" Pam shares her groups ideas.

Part "B": Our purpose and vision.

Visualising and describing the look and feel we want for MLC through the use of pictures and metaphors.

Exploring our metaphors..

Below is a 10 minute video of Nick explaining the ABCD approach. It is a great summary on how to develop a strategy.
About half way through he gives a great example that helps make this process really clear. This will be an invaluable tool to come back and watch again and again. - Doug