At MLC School we challenge every girl to dare to be more. But further to that, we challenge our staff to dare to be more too. So when it's time to shape the future of MLC, we invite staff and students alike to envisage how learning might look in the future.

You are invited to share your vision here. Being a wiki, you can add your opinion to others' ideas, or edit them to include your own. Please be respectful of thoughts already here, and leave them in tact, even if you post alternative ideas right next to them.

tree.jpgThis Wiki's Structure

On this wiki you'll find ideas. These ideas will be an eclectic range, from an eclectic range of learners (yes, that's the teachers too!). You can search through the ideas in the search field on the left hand side, but you may prefer to browse to give you an idea of what's here already. When you're ready to add your ideas, join the wiki (there may be a short wait while you're accepted - if you have an MLC email address, please use it) and either edit an existing page by clicking on the "edit this page" button or add a new page by clicking on the link that will appear on the left. You'll then need to link to that page if you want people to be able to browse to you.

The structure to help people browse this wiki should branch from the following topics (feel free to edit):

Create further smaller branches from within these pages, or hang your page directly off them if you feel it's a branch in its own right. Don't worry about not putting it in the right place - if others using the wiki want to change the structure of where the page appears, they will.

Thanks for contributing.